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As one, who knows PLF well for very quite a long while, I can't anticipate from them any better than and unique in relation to this frightful letter. Aside from its lawlessness and irregularity, the letter is brimming with untruths and dissents! Take a gander at the letter once more! It's truly deceptive and monstrous as well! I need us to pay attention to this letter. We should not miss that this letter is routed to Africa! Along these lines, the public authority ought not sabotage and leave this letter unanswered. I know Dr. Abiy sent, a day or two prior, an exceptionally significant, incredible and straight forward message to the global local area. I have seen another setting explanation delivered by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yesterday. These are very acceptable yet a long way from enough! 


In any case, I accept we need to take this and comparable other unlawful and drivel letters and explanations of PLF as one greater freedom to all the more likely disguise our motivation, targets and technique in this battle in the personalities of our African siblings and sisters. The worldwide local area will to profit by comparable responses. I have presumably that equity is our ally. As purposely mutilated and introduced by the PLF, the war isn't between the "Abiy system" and the Ethiopian masses. Nor is the battle between individuals of Ti gray and the central government nor is it a common war! This is fairly a battle between PLF/privileged few, who are hostile to harmony and against solidarity and the majority of the Ethiopian public. This isn't a war gone into as a result of an administration inability to deal with political contrasts with the TPF.

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