Amhara region losses millions per year


Concrete cost served as dealers charge double the maximum price tag set by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. A quintal of concrete is currently being exchanged somewhere in the range of 530 and 550 birr in Addis Ababa, however the maximum price tag for comparable measure of the thing is set at 290 birr. 


The sharp expansion in the cost of concrete is incompletely brought about by the long inventory network on the lookout, including makers, agents, wholesalers and retailers, making it defenseless to storing and gouging works on, as indicated by merchants. 


"I was trusting cost would decrease after the public authority presented a value roof, however to the consternation of merchants, basically nothing has changed," said Mukerem Habib, a maker of blocks. 


While concrete manufacturing plants have a little commitment at the cost climb, agents are blamed for deliberately accumulating the thing while retailers can't accepting straightforwardly from production lines. 


"We get concrete from specialists and wholesalers with a value route higher than the maximum cost," said Endris Kedir, who trusted that very nearly three months will get concrete from the state-claimed endeavors entrusted to supply concrete to purchasers. 


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