The Secret of President Isaiah's Escape


Just passed 12 PM, Tarekegn is in front of an audience belting rich, brilliant sounds, encircled by fans anxious to mortar his temple with monetary orders. He is grinning extensively, similar to a striving craftsman who has shown up to the major association, yet whose excursion has improved him, not more regrettable. He isn't sufficiently large to visit the world like his counterparts, for example, Teddy Afro, yet his sound, disposition and stage presence is elite. 


At whatever point the singer sings, he sings like Menelik Wossenachew does, as one who experienced each word and acquired intelligence from it. He moves the manner in which Tilahun Gessesse used to do, with elegance. He is remarkable. 


His is a brief look at why the vast majority are discarding pre-recorded music for unrecorded music in Ethiopia. It appears at Piano bar, he is taking care of his obligations for a specific future fame. 


Before he makes that big appearance, amidst opening acts, revamping old sounds and reusing the new, there are numerous acceptable artists heating up the group. 


In any case, it is clear individuals have come to observe and encounter Tarekegn. Some dance, many chime in and loads of individuals mortar him with banknotes when he makes that big appearance. He begins his melodies, however lets the crowd completes it for him, the way the late craftsman, Abraham Afewerki used to do. 


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