The federal government and the regional state wealth allocation formula


The constitution aimed to adopt federalism, boost the pillars of development in the country, combat poverty and establish the mainstay of a civil, legal state.

 It is to be mentioned in this regard that the (Ethiopian) constitution also aimed to build up a powerful army which would be kept out of the range of political attraction and away from the scramble for power and wealth would.

The State kept aside major investments which were interested to the army, a matter which kept the military away from politics, and confined competition to army generals, when its comes to financing it giant sectors to make use of its (own) investments, while giving concern to training and rehabilitation, a matter which made the (Ethiopian) army a   professional one and one of the best armies in Africa.

No doubt, the  achievements of the late Ethiopian Leader  Males Sinai included his  dependence  on long term strategic planning as his five-year development plans came as a development portrait on which the state depends to bring Ethiopia out of the claws of poverty to the horizons of development and liberation in the light of strict institutionalization which Sinai laid its foundation, thus marking it impossible for a certain ministry to trespass  on the powers of another, nor for a certain  minister to interfere in the powers of another under Secretary Boards of directors in ministries  and Research Centers approved  the experience of think tanks  to provide ministries with detailed plans.


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