Good news from Amhara region


An announcement by the Mediterranean island's Ministry of Health stated: "A Chinese resident dwelling in Cyprus who had visited China in the previous hardly any days introduced manifestations like that of the coronavirus." 


US reports 14-day isolate on 195 infection evacuees 


The US gave an uncommon government isolate request of 14 days for 195 Americans who were cleared from Wuhan. 


It came after one of the people attempted to leave the California army installation where the repatriated residents arrived at a sanctioned trip on Wednesday, and is the main mandate of its sort in more than 50 years. 


El Salvador and Costa Rica take 'judicious' measures 


El Salvador has reported cover limitations on individuals who have as of late been in China. 


Costa Rican authorities said they will screen travel focuses, for example, air terminals, however until further notice, will permit Chinese voyagers to enter the nation.

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