What is new on Amahara region


The most conspicuous global theological rationalists among numerous that turned out in broad daylight were non other than President Barak Obama, the main African-American U.S. President that supported TPLF Mafia drove system as 'fairly chose' ideological group of Ethiopia and Bill Gates, the most extravagant American humanitarian that ensured a similar system for instance of good administration. With that sort of support from the most dominant political and business figures of the world, accusing moronic TPLF Mafia warlords and infantrymen felling they are the best thing that happened to the individuals of Ethiopia ever is a misnomer. 


In this way, it wouldn't be a misrepresentation to state, the issue in Ethiopia today is straightforwardly connected with the world powerhouses intriguing with little league ethnic Mafia acted like an ideological group. Not so it is another marvel on the planet however, in the most recent decade or so it is done out in the open with a wide range of support — from battling global psychological oppression, putting resources into the developing markets and helping the poor driving the reasons.

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