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During the vote, the administration didn't take proper activities when the Siam ethnic business visionaries occupied with criminal operations, which helped them adjust the outcome overwhelmingly in support of them. Ethnic hooligans accountable for the procedure actually bent the hands of numerous voters to cast their votes for Kelli. They were not addressed when they gave a great many unlawful IDs and brought many individuals from the towns in the Siam zone to cast polling forms in Alaska. 


After the consequence of the choice was declared, things have not worked out in a good way for the Siam ethnic business people. To state they are confounded and in chaos is putting it mildly. 


By excellence of their illicit situation in Alaska, the hooligans are holding the inhabitants of Alaska prisoners. They will not give taxpayer supported organizations except if they get rewards, assault the non-Sidama inhabitants utilizing their administration positions. Alaska has become a city where a couple of supremacist hooligans do anything they desire without risk of punishment.

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