the whereabouts of Jawar Mohammed


Today I am in Gambella, some of the time called "the land partitioned by the waterways." Gambella locale is situated in the Upper Nile, a zone that covers both Ethiopia and South Sudan. It is a place where there is five significant streams and numerous tributaries that interface with the Nile River. It used to be a port that could be utilized for transportation as far as possible north to Egypt. 


I have recently discovered that the Ethiopian government has consented to a fourteen day deferment of the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). I am very dissatisfaction with this choice. Allow me to clarify. 


From the earliest starting point in 2012, Egypt has applied critical weight against the development of this dam intended to carry power to Ethiopians— - some 60% of whom need get to. Electrical force, in overabundance of the necessities of Ethiopia, will likewise be offered to flexibly other neighboring nations, similar to Sudan, with required power. Then again, Egypt as of now has its own wellsprings of hydroelectric force because of dams they have fabricated, similar to the Low Aswan Dam and the High Aswan Dam, that are said to gracefully 99% of Egyptians with power prompting their noteworthy turn of events. 


For the most recent many months, Egypt has expanded its weight against Ethiopia's advancement of hydro electric force, refering to pilgrim settlements of the past over the utilization of Nile waters that gave Egypt 66% of the water, Sudan 22% and the rest to dissipation. Not exclusively was Ethiopia prohibited from the haggling table, they were given 0% of the water distribution despite the fact that some 85% of the Nile water starts in Ethiopia.

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