Mengistu Hailemariam's daughter Tigist Mengistu speaks on the current Ethiopia political crisis


Political flimsiness combined with insurrection in the military, prompted the Deng to solidify power in a drawn-out overthrow of Hail Selassie on September 12, 1974. With the official ouster of the government, the Deng renamed itself as the Provisional Military Administrative Council (PAC) and chose To enlist as the main bad habit executive. After a genuine of deaths against political adversaries, Enlist turned into the administrator (head of condition) of the PAC on February 3, 1977. He would proceed to hold this situation until September 11, 1987, when he annulled the PAC and turned into the primary leader of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. 


In spite of Enlist's firm control on power, he confronted various interior and outer difficulties incorporating 3 upset endeavors in 1976, 1977 and 1989 and a war with Somalia in 1977 over the Ogden. With the staggering triumph of the skirmish of Faber by the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (ELF) and the Soviet breakdown, which finished billions of dollars in help to Ethiopia every year, it got evident even to his nearest comrades that Mencius's days in power were numbered.

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