Very funny comedy zedo kilinto


Take for example TPL Mafia new chief and pretend Federal Minster of Communication and Technology Depression Gebremichael that went through his whole grown-up time on earth in an ethnic politically-sanctioned racial segregation fairyland of making Ti gray Empire out of the cinders of Ethiopia. Of late, in disobedience of the PM of his own gathering; he is deceiving everyone in the administration change to end TPL authority and exemption against the individuals of Ethiopia. Include his stateless accomplice Beret Simon that had been taking on the appearance of high ranking representative of the Federal and 'Adhara Region' for 27 long years crying blameless of his violations to outline how TPL warlords and their surrogates are withdrawn to the truth confronting them in a country they would rather not love and loathe once more. 


In any case, nothing outlines the political truth of Ethiopia superior to anything useless political elites in the free world legitimizing the old Jim Crow period of the West they detest for themselves on the individuals of Ethiopia by remote control. It further represents, they are not free scholars either in light of the fact that they are moronic or narcissists.

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