The news of our victory


At the point when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, he was commended as a provincial peacemaker. Presently, he is directing an extended common conflict that by many records bears the signs of destruction and can possibly destabilize the more extensive Horn of Africa area. 


In November, Abiy requested a tactical hostile in the northern Tigray area and guaranteed that the contention would be settled rapidly. Eight months on, the battling has left thousands dead, constrained more than 1.7 million to escape, energized starvation and led to a flood of monstrosities. 


Ethiopia was battling with critical financial, ethnic and political difficulties some time before a fight among Abiy and the district's previous decision party, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), rose over into turmoil. The conflict is the summit of heightening pressures between the different sides, and the most critical of a few ongoing ethno-patriot conflicts in Africa's second-most crowded country. 


Since the contention started, Ethiopia's administration has braced down on correspondences and media, successfully close Tigray. Against that dinky scenery, it has frequently been trying to get what is happening in the locale.

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