Video of Sebhat Nega scandal released


Meanwhile, utilizing a develop mentalist monetary strategy, the TPL system got liberal monetary assets from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Chinese government. Amazing Western vote based systems—the United States, Canada and the European Union—likewise offered monetary and conciliatory help. Using such help, the PLF system coordinated a twofold digit monetary development account, which, at any rate on paper, intrigued unfamiliar partners and benefactor organizations. The monetary development story, notwithstanding, hid, in any event from the rest of the world, the defilement, proceeded with neediness, awful political suppression and gigantic common freedoms' infringement. While the system flaunted twofold digit development, numerous residents relied upon food help. As the PLF world-class and united accomplices turned out to be extremely rich inside a brief timeframe, numerous ranchers were expelled from their properties and inside uprooted. Battling financial specialists who were unaffiliated with the TPF needed credit and got bankrupt. A huge number of youth leaving schools were jobless on the grounds that they wouldn't join the decision ERDF gathering or occupations were not accessible for them. However, the fracture of the resistance gatherings and unfamiliar discretionary and monetary help assisted the PLF with merging its force, and briefly minimize all resistance gatherings.

Eventually, political egotism, restraint and debasement aroused the adolescent and all residents who were cheated and abused by the PLF. The Terror, the Oromo Youth Movement, started to lead the pack in assembling fights in the Roma Regional State.

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