Ethiopia new Decision in the Renaissance Dam negotiations


Another round of specialized and legitimate arrangements for the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam emergency will start today, Thursday, between lawful agents and specialized specialists from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, trying to determine a lot of remarkable focuses that upset an understanding completion the emergency. 


Private sources said that the designations of the three nations are planned to examine various issues identified with the two phases of filling the dam repository, long haul activity, the measure of water that Ethiopia is permitted to deplete to go to Egypt and Sudan during the filling years, and discover an equation for collaboration in the working principles. 


As indicated by the sources, the two-day gatherings are planned to talk about an American proposition, arranged by a gathering of lawful and specialized specialists in the field of trans boundary streams, which requires the removal of 37 billion cubic meters of water during the filling time frame, to be a trade off between the Egyptian recognition, which Demands pass 40 billion cubic meters of water, and the Ethiopian proposition to spend just 35 billion cubic meters.

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