The untold story of Ehitemaryam


A decades-old line debate among Sudan and Ethiopia is pouring fuel on a competition that investigators caution could erupt into a more extensive clash. 


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed demanded Tuesday his nation doesn't need battle with Sudan, bringing for strains over the Al-Fashaqa locale to be settled calmly. 


Ethiopian ranchers have since a long time ago worked in the rich line zone, yet the region is additionally asserted by Sudan. 


Pressures have developed since battling in Ethiopia's Ti gray district sent the huge number of exiles escaping into Sudan before the end of last year. 


Reports of dangerous conflicts among Sudanese and Ethiopian powers in Al-Fashaqa additionally come as Ethiopia goes head to head with Sudan and Egypt over Addis Ababa's Blue Nile dam, a hydroelectric mega project the downriver countries say undermines their essential water supplies. 


Al-Fashaqa covers exactly 12,000 square kilometers (4,630 square miles), yet experts highlight a flash point zone straightforwardly along the boundary, covering about 250 square kilometers (just shy of 100 square miles). 


Deals endorsed during the pioneer time drew the worldwide limit east of Al-Fashaqa, giving the land to Sudan, said East Africa master Alex de Waal, an educator at Tufts University. 


In any case, throughout the long term, a huge number of Ethiopian ranchers have developed harvests there during the blustery season, regardless of being occasionally ousted by Sudanese powers. 


Relations among Khartoum and Addis Ababa plunged in 1995 after a bombed endeavor to kill Egypt's then-president Host Mubarak while he visited Addis Ababa. 


Ethiopia censured Sudan for the assault and sent powers into Al-Fashaqa. 


From that point forward, a great many Ethiopian ranchers have gotten comfortable in the region, cultivating and paying expenses to Ethiopia.

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