A look into the controversial Ethiopian celebrity couples


Remaining in Emperor Menelik II private petition room, I thought about what he appealed to God for? Help to join Ethiopia? Beat back the Italian frontier attacker? 


Remaining on the watchtower, I envisioned a walking armed force heading towards the Palace and what barriers could be conveyed from the ordering statures of the Palace grounds. 


Remaining in Emperor Menelik II's office, I considered how he connected with his official visitors and priests. He was known as an extraordinary audience and patient man (Em eye Menelik ABA Agnew) yet brooked simple. 


Remaining in the incomparable Fitawrari Habte-Giorgis Dinged's office, the president of the Ethiopian armed force in 1896 at the Battle of Ada and Menelik II's war serve and most confided in guide, I thought about how the two sat together and drew up fight plans and harmony techniques.

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