10 Stylish Pregnant Ethiopian Celebrities (Photos)


The term symbol is utilized to allude to a reverential picture. It is commonly painted on a level wooden board, albeit in Ethiopia, as in different customs, materials, for example, metal or stone could likewise be utilized to create this kind of picture. The most punctual known Ethiopian symbols have been dated to the fifteenth century and are by and large painted with gum based paint on Esso prepared wooden boards. Ethiopian symbols from this period normally depict the Virgin and Child, the Apostles, and Saint George. 


The piece appeared here, which can be dated probably to the second 50% of the fifteenth century, includes absolutely such a mix of subjects. On the left board, the Child contacts his Mother's jawline, an offer of delicacy which shows up more regularly in works from this period onwards. The focal pair is flanked by two holy messengers with unsheathed blades who go about as their illustrious gatekeeper. 


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