I go back to being a teacher Ato Yhonannes


Ethiopian ism became a generic term to describe a whole range of the black man’s efforts to improve his religious, educational and political status in society. It became the concept that constituted pan-Africanism from the 18th, 19th to the 20th century until World War I in 1914. The AWA victory provided practical expression to Ethiopian ism: self-worth, dignity, unity, confidence, self-reliance, race pride, spirituality and freedom from colonialism.


Lessons from the AWA African victory over World Empire are relevant to strengthen Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance for our time and the future. The Africa Union, all the current African states, the entire African Diaspora and even all those nations across the world that have been colonized are welcome to participate and contribute and spread vast education and awareness to reach every African child, woman and man across the world.

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