Seyfu Fantahun and his Controversial Questions


When a degenerate T PLF warlord with a PhD claims he spake to the whole individuals of a Region by 100% and ready to threaten the whole populace of the country, who is to be faulted? In the event that you ask me, I will say his scholarly empowers. 


The individuals of Ethiopia indicated they are too enlightened to even think about deserving any piece of TPL warlords' standard wilderness law of increasing the entire for the supposed wrongdoings of the couple of to stay in the body governmental issues of Ethiopia. Nor, our kin have the opportunity to engage the week by week Missy fit of warlords to support the wilderness law and maintain a strategic distance from duty regarding their proceeded with wrongdoings as we are seeing. 


At the interim, Ethiopians shouldn't endure go getter elites haggling their opportunity and rights away in the shadow of the aggressive warlords. 


The PM's change would be better off if certifiable supporters center around requesting straightforwardness beginning from useless elites that conveyed TPLF Mafia's water every one of these years to give up for the standard of law or there will be consequences.

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