Press briefing by Takele Uma


International concerns Minister, Ato Gedu Andargachew, held talks with Mohamed Taha Tawakul of the Al-Jazeera office in Ethiopia and they examined a scope of issues particularly spinning around Ethiopia's political talk in the district and universal field and other related angles. With due most credit to Aljazeera, The Ethiopian Herald presents the full meeting as follows: 


Al-Jazeera: My first inquiry is about the promulgation war among Ethiopia and Egypt, in which Egypt blames Ethiopia for griping to the UN Security Council by subverting territorial and worldwide security. What is your remark on this issue? 


Ato Gedu: It is realized that Ethiopia and Egypt don't have a typical outskirt, however the Nile River joins them, and the primary goal of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is to give our social orders who have driven lives in haziness without power and improve their method of living. 


It must be certain that Ethiopia has no any aim of hurting others, it has over and again spoken about the Nile River that it can help come out of destitution. It has likewise been plainly articulated that Ethiopia has the option to profit by its water share, thus do Egyptians and the Sudanese. 


Let me talk truly, if Egypt thinks of us as like siblings, it needs to help Ethiopia and remain with us to destroy yearning and destitution by means of getting power as opposed to putting snags at each thump and crevice of our means towards accomplishing our national objective—getting rid of neediness for good. 


We were not astounded that the protest was submitted to the UN Security Council. Be that as it may, the supposition to appreciate twofold standard is a lethal mix-up: seeking after dealings with Ethiopia and Sudan and partaking in local, mainland and global discussions from one viewpoint and taking the case to the UN Security Council on the other. This is obviously contrived to escape from inside mayhem and utilized as consideration preoccupation instrument. Strangely, the grievance has no impact, since we have the records and confirmations that disprove the Egyptian charges. Furthermore, Ethiopians are consistently prepared to advance the success win approach so as to advance reasonable profit by the water assets, and our showdown is with the possibility of the administration of Egypt, not with Egyptians. 


The filling of the dam, which will happen one month from now, is a concurred and marked stage ahead of time in 2015 for the main filling, at the degree of the Heads of three nations, Prime Minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and the assembly to begin filling the Dam is as per the Declaration of Principles understanding. 


Al-Jazeera: considering Ethiopia's request onto filling the repository without understanding, and Egypt's refusal … What is the arrangement? 


Ato Gedu: obviously, we have made our entryways open to arrangement, however we are haggling with a gathering that wouldn't like to concur by any stretch of the imagination. Since Egypt doesn't want to agree, we have not yet concurred. They are not prepared to arrange making shallow and weak reasons. For instance, they concur today and they will act in any case tomorrow. They have done such a find the stowaway game intermittently. The reality behind is that they don't need us to profit by the creation of power. This is the primary wellspring of the contest. Egyptians might want to get Ethiopians devastated and stay poor delivering bogus creations and imagining that they will be truly hurt if Ethiopia viably utilizes the Nile water and develop well. This is a simple vain signal and radiates from not knowing what ethiopians' identity is. Truly, Ethiopia doesn't have any expectation to force hurt on neighboring nations, it generally endeavors to exploit its regular and real right on the Nile waters without hurting others. 


Al-Jazeera: Some gatherings are known about saying that the Renaissance Dam will possibly cause water-war, what is the legitimacy of this gauge? 


Ato Gedu: The Egyptian media every now and again talk about war, yet not all alternatives are viable and attainable. What we have seen on our part as the best and just choice is the Nile River can be utilized in a reasonable, just and fair way. Be that as it may, different choices revealed by Egypt lead to the entirely incorrect way. 'Harmony first' is our essential trademark. At the point when we keep up harmony and security, advancement can be accomplished at a quickened rate; so we esteem the harmony well overall. 


The Egyptian government is the one that doesn't need our tranquility and improvement, rather they need us stay in obscurity and appetite constantly. The very thing that should be considered is that we have the full option to exploit our water assets and our position is very clear. On the off chance that there is a power that needs to keep us from this right, we accept that our advantage ought not be accomplished through military showdowns, rather through discourse and collaboration. 


Al-Jazeera: Are you not stressed over the repercussions of the contest among Ethiopia and Egypt on Arabs and African relations? 


Ato Gedu: Africa and the Arabs have chronicled, topographical, social and social ties that can't be penetrated, and politically they shaped one alliance to protect their inclinations. There was shared help for improvement and harmony and what joins them, the cooperative energy is a lot harder than what isolates them. This solid relationship can't be influenced by the contrasts among Ethiopia and Egypt rather the Renaissance Dam could be a bond for improvement and harmony. It can support Egypt and Ethiopia connect contrasts and put forth attempts to advance shared participation. 


We accept that Ethiopia has firm relations with the Arabs, we are impacted and influenced by the Arabs and Ethiopia is a scaffold between the Arabs and Africa, so because of this authentic relationship, Ethiopia doesn't accept that it will be influenced by debates occurring to a great extent. The relations are more grounded and preeminent and we encourage not to include Africans and Arabs in irreconcilable circumstances between nations that will have negative effect in the African and Arab relations. We dismiss any endeavor to politicize the Renaissance Dam and give it an Arab or African measurement. 


Al-Jazeera: What is the answer for the issue of sharing the Nile waters, considering Egypt's adherence to the understanding of 1929 and 1959, and Ethiopia holding fast to another and reasonable understanding … between the Nile Basin nations? 


Ato Gedu: Ethiopia didn't consent to an arrangement with Egypt. The Nile River is situated in Ethiopia and we don't have profited by it up until now. But since it is a provincial waterway, we liked to take the way of accord, understanding and comprehension among us and it is a consent to declare the standards, however Egypt began to repudiate it. We are not limited by understanding marked in 1929 and 1959 on the grounds that we were not part of it, while Egypt pushes us to conform to this understanding. Strikingly, there is an understanding reached among nations of the Nile Basin which was restricted distinctly by Egypt. At the point when we declared that we would profit by the Nile, we didn't request water from the Aswan High Dam, or inside Sudan, yet we said that we need to exploit the water that starts from our dirt. We are not committed to the understandings of the only remaining century that Egypt marked with Britain. 


We have called for changing this idea, which isn't in accordance with the new reality, yet Egypt sticks to the old understandings. 


Al-Jazeera: There are bodies who blame Ethiopia for holding fast to the preparation of the dam to escape from the inside qualifications identified with the decisions and the force battle in your nation. How would you react? 


Ato Gedu: This is likewise something that the Egyptian government ought not be interceding with, and this is a misstep. Filling the Dam is a staged method that we do inside the time period of the GERD venture. 


Our inner political issues can't be illuminated through the Renaissance Dam, and there are different routes through which we can take care of our political issues, and we don't accuse outside gatherings as the Egyptian government does, and we don't utilize Egypt as a wellspring of terrorizing, and the Ethiopian media didn't state that at all dissimilar to the Egyptian media that manufactures misleads advance groupings, divisions and contrasts among the Ethiopian individuals. Ethiopians are joined today like never before previously. We remain as one body in building the dam. 


Al-Jazeera: notwithstanding the Egyptian and American refusal and the Sudanese reservation … Will you keep on filling the dam one month from now? 


Ato Gedu: The job of the onlookers is constrained to checking the arrangements, not influencing the course, and what the European Union, the United States, South Africa and the World Bank are doing is the right technique to screen the tripartite dealings, and the filling of the Renaissance Dam will occur at the ideal time. 


On our part, the United States is a significant nation and there are numerous territories of collaboration between us. The World Bank additionally has a job in supporting advancement ventures in Ethiopia. These relations are not influenced by the places of the United States and the World Bank in ongoing dam 


dealings, and they had fears and want in the achievement of the exchanges, we didn't have any qualms about their support in the arrangements, however the protest we have is to line up with one side and put focus on the other during the dealings. 


In late proclamations, this doesn't befit their status and doesn't help accomplish adjusted outcomes from the exchanges. A nation like the United States when it presses a specific side during the arrangements may contrarily influence the exchanges and it is better that they don't issue such explanations. 


Al-Jazeera: What is reality of your allegations against the Egyptian side of meddling in the inner issues of

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