Corona in Egypt


 In the end, Italians were overwhelmed by combined troops from Ethiopia’s combined resistance and unique military intelligence and attack. The Italians however remained in Eritrea for many years. It launched another attack during Italy’s Fascist era, but they were later drove away after the Second World War by the British.


Ethiopia Victory of Down: Traditions, Customs and Activities

Ethiopia celebrates the victory of Ada by visiting monuments and cemeteries to honor those who perished in the Battle of Ada. Government officials usually conduct public ceremonies and put wreath especially under the monument of Emperor Menelik II at Menelik Square. Public officials would usually delivery speeches encouraging the public to enliven the values of Ethiopian and learn from the patriotism of the heroes of Ada who bravely resisted colonial rule. Since this is a national holiday, most Ethiopians usually stay at home, while some visit at park or attend cultural events.

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