PLF Responds to Tigray Election


The TEMPLE folks think about the "resistance pioneers" as a lot of quitters, morons and nitwits. Susan Rice caught the basic demeanor of the TEMPLE pioneers in her commendation of Males in 2012 when she said Males "got a kick out of the chance to call" his resistance "numb-skulls, or "simpletons". The TOTAL folks accept that they are haggling with numb-skulls and imbeciles when they plunk down with the resistance for their pretend dealings. 


Arrangement is a serious blood sport. For the TRIPLE, that implies take the easy path first to welcome weight on the resistance to arrange an arrangement. In the event that the "resistance" needs to quit fooling around, offer them rewards, cash, occupations, business openings. On the off chance that that doesn't work, compromise or pummel them in prison for disregarding the "counter psychological warfare law".

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