Meseret Mebrate yesterday and today


Various elements added to the continuous impoverishment and decline of the Aksumite realm. The Arab venture into Northern Africa slice off the realm's admittance to the Red-Sea stream (and to the business sectors which could be arrived at through it and on which an enormous piece of the realm's flourishing had been based). There is additionally proof to propose that a portion of the realm's normal assets, like gold and ivory, had been drained. Very little is had some significant awareness of this period of Ethiopian history and researchers even differ on the dates of its start and end.

The political focus of Ethiopia appears to have continuously moved toward the southern and eastern pieces of the Tigray district (the northernmost of the nine areas of Ethiopia) in the Post-Aksumite period. A couple houses of worship here have been probably credited to this period, however resulting variations joined with the powerlessness to get consents to lead archeological studies make dating troublesome. It appears to be reasonable that places of worship kept on being worked as well as cut (cut) out of rock. A gathering of funerary hypogea (underground loads) in the Hawzien plain (in northern Ethiopia) may have been changed into places of worship during the post-Aksumite period.

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