Abiy Ahmed speed of the day


His child Say fa Ar'ad, battled reliably with the leaders of Fat. In the mid-sixteenth century, the crusades of Ahmad Grain, almost cleared out the Christian realm. It was uniquely with the assistance of the Portuguese armed force that the government had the option to crush Ahmad Grain. Before the finish of the sixteenth century, the Christian government had been significantly debilitated. 


In the seventeenth century, Ethiopia played with Catholicism. After the Portuguese had helped the government rout Ahmad, they had waited, and they began lecturing their religion. (Pankhurst 1998, 93-4) This was an issue for the rulers of the late sixteenth and mid seventeenth century yet upon Sustains taking the honored position in 1607, with the impact of the Jesuits and under the figment that it will prompt further Portuguese military 

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