“There Is Nothing” Abiy Ahmed Responce


He served in this situation till 2010, while Brigadier General Teklebirhan Woldearegay the Director General concentrated abroad. 


While at INSA, a misfortune occurred in Abiy's old neighborhood of Sasha, when in 2006 a gathering of Orthodox Christians were butchered by strict devotees of the Muslim confidence. 


A long time passed with no arrangement till at last, in 2010, to determine the contention, government specialists picked Abiy Ahmed then 34 years of age, to speak to them and carry harmony and compromise to the zone. 


He was dynamic in his endeavors to address the between strict clash and he at last reestablished quiet to the occupants of his old neighborhood. 


PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has delegated Serve Mennen (Gen.) as the new Army Chief of Staff supplanting Samoa Venus (Gen.). 


Samora filled in as armed force Chief of Staff for as long as 17 years after Tsadkan Gebretensae (Let. Gen.) left his position. 


Abiy likewise reestablished the full honor and advantages of two-armed force authorities specifically Freshet Delight (Maj. Gen.) and Assam new ISIGE (Brig. Gen.) who were as of late delivered from jail were indicted for planning to topple the protected request however brutality. 


Abiy likewise designated Aden Mohammed (Gen.) as the new National Intelligence and Security Service (NSS) chief supplanting Detached Assets. 


Abdullah Remedy, the recently named security consultant of the Prime Minister and Irma Berry, Ethiopian Ambassador to the US were resigned.

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