Corona virus politics


The AWA Victory shapes as a key column fortifying the Pan-African Congresses, and the principal African freedom development the ANC in Azania. AWA Victory gave presumably truly outstanding, if not the absolute best of all the most critical down to earth instances of the African opposition history during the Scramble for Africa. Thus, it gets one of the significant helices for Ethiopian ism, Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance AWA Victory in 1896 strengthens the World Union of Ethiopians (Africans), shaped as the African Association in 1897 from outside Africa. The dish African congress was established by Sylvester Williams in 1900 that was in direct contact with Emperor Menelik at that point. Cuban-Americans, Haitians and African Diaspora from Brazil all were propelled by the AWA Victory of 1896. Haiti's 100 years of autonomy was commended in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. The development of the African National Congress (ANC) as the principal African Liberation Movement with mysticism and Ethiopian ism was recognized by previous president Mandela as follows:

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