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The Program perceives that improving the situation with young ladies and ladies requires changing the convictions, perspectives and conduct of local area individuals, including men, young men and conventional and strict pioneers. To support such change, it uses the Community Conversation (CC) approach, which is a cycle of drawing in networks in an intelligent conversation about social standards and qualities. Through support in the CC arrangement, people are engaged to contemplate issues like sexual orientation equity, HIV/AIDS, hurtful customary practices, family arranging and that's only the tip of the iceberg. This intuitive conversation permits members to investigate the way their practices and values, and those of their families and neighbors, influence others' lives. Through the Program locales, 400 CC facilitators were prepared to enroll local area individuals and draw in them in conversation, double a month, for a time of one year. 


Individuals from CC gatherings have frequently arrived at agreement about halting hurtful customary practices, similar to youngster marriage and female genital cutting, and have consented to make an aggregate move against those rehearsing it. Additionally, on the individual level, CC alumni are rolling out sensational improvements in their own homes and families for more noteworthy sex balance. 


Proficiency AND LIFE SKILLS 


Ladies who can't peruse or compose are frequently underestimated by their networks and can't completely take an interest in friendly and financial turn of events. In its proficiency and fundamental abilities program, Leave the Program targets ladies who have not been occupied with other grown-up instruction programs. 


These ladies are welcome to join grown-up proficiency classes, where they get fundamental abilities in perusing, composing and science. They likewise get fundamental abilities training on a wide scope of issues, including disinfection, cleanliness, wellbeing and vocations. The public Functional Adult Literacy Manual is utilized, guaranteeing consistency and quality. 


Proficiency graduates are frequently recipients in other program segments and their recently discovered abilities in perusing, composing and math add to their accomplishment in livelihoods. Ladies partaking in the proficiency program have become solid backers for schooling in their networks, and nearby educators report that the recently proficient moms are particularly steady of their kids' schooling. 


Leave No Women Behind likewise upholds neighborhood schools and utilitarian grown-up proficiency places with extra supplies, for example, practice books, boards, seats, chalk and writing material, and gives young adult young ladies sterile napkins to help improve their school participation. 




The Health Extension Workers (HEW) program is an administration technique where prepared local area ladies go door to door and train different ladies around 16 fundamental wellbeing augmentation bundles. The Program fortifies this administration program. 


Cuts routinely partake in Community Conversation meetings to give data about conception wellbeing and unsafe customary practices. Ladies and young ladies have separate gatherings, where they examine family arranging, sexual orientation based viciousness, HIV/AIDS, maternal wellbeing, looking for hostile to natal and post-natal consideration and safe conveyance. Individuals from the public authority drive Women's Development Groups, who have their own point of convergence for advancing conception wellbeing locally, frequently help the Hews with outreach. 


In corresponding with such intercessions to encourage interest, the Program likewise reinforces the stock side of conception wellbeing administration conveyance. It upholds locale specialists to purchase drugs, obstetric hardware and other regenerative wellbeing materials for wellbeing posts and wellbeing focuses. These medications and administrations are given to ladies for nothing. Furthermore, the Program consistently supports trainings of Hews and other wellbeing staff on sexual orientation delicate conception wellbeing administration arrangement, to guarantee that ladies get the best consideration conceivable.

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