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Ambasador Suleman Dedefo speak the secret

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Ato Gedu must be insane. He referenced we require harmony and ought not to devastate properties around multiple times. THERE IS NOT PEACE W/O LIBERTY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY VIA VIBRANT PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, ELECTRICITY TO STUDY, EAT AND WORK.

Ato Gedu is covering his head under the sand while a savage insurgency is going on before his eyes. The transformation is to oust his administration, EPRDF/TPLF, using any and all means. Demolition of properties/organizations, vehicles claimed by him, his administration, EPRDF/TPLF is a critical system, notwithstanding utilizing weapons for self-protection, to ousted a legislature that has murdered/imprisoned/tormented/assaulted/banished a great many Ethiopians throughout the previous 26 years.

GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. That was the expression of Patrick Henry one of the establishing fathers of present-day United States of America. Around one year after Patrick Henry put forth the expression, America announced its autonomy from the oppressive/mafia/psychological militant British Colonizers of America which lead to a hard and fast war that kept going multi-year and prompted reverberating annihilation of Britain by America.

We Ethiopians everywhere throughout the world are stating GIVE ME LIBERTY/FREEDOM/DEMOCRACY OR GIVE ME DEATH and ARE DECLARING AN ALL OUT WAR TO OVERTHROW THE overbearing/mafia/fear monger TPLF/EPRDF colonizers and enslave owners/enemies of Ethiopians.

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