Extreme Action Against the OLF


The Victory of Ada is a proudly acclaimed moment in our history that continues to shape our current identity; but, it forces us to ask, why has life not measurably improved for the vast majority of Ethiopians of today?


Loving Ethiopia, celebrating the victory of Ada, or being proud of being an Ethiopian without doing anything to make it better is not enough. Those remaining in Ethiopia should not hold on to the hope that someone will come and liberate them. Each Ethiopian should not simply count on others to do the work but do what you can to contribute.


We can go back to the victory of yesterday, but it is time for a new victory. In 1896, Ethiopians banded together to defend what they had. In doing so, they became the only country out of 55 African states to never be colonized. Perhaps God had a bigger purpose, not only for us but beyond us. Have we squandered this opportunity?


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