Tragic news from Oromiya region


Sudan and Ethiopia share a typical limit that extends more than 1,600 kilometers (994 miles). The boundary was drawn after a progression of settlements among Ethiopia and the frontier forces of Britain and Italy. Be that as it may, until now, this limit needs clear boundary lines. 


Sudan's al-Rashid area which covers roughly 600 km, is a rich ripe land favorable for farming. For quite a long time, Ethiopia has permitted its ranchers to plant crops there. 


Previous Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir generally chose not to see his country's regional invasion. Notwithstanding, Sudan's temporary specialists, who took over after well known fights which ultimately prompted the expelling of al-Bashir, have started converses with Ethiopia in a bid to need to Ethiopian ranchers pull out. 


Without precedent for almost 25 years, Sudan conveyed its soldiers along the al-Rashid line strip toward the end of March. This came after an assault which incited a top security group to visit the territory. 


"There are old issues. Herders have lost their domesticated animals and ranchers have lost their territories," Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Albertan, Chairman of Sudan's Sovereignty Council, said in a meeting with the public organization, Sudan TV, after visiting the line district. Albertan guarded the troop arrangement saying the military were left with no decision except for to ensure their region on the grounds that the Ethiopians had forced their quality. 


Sudan's military has pledged that it is willing and prepared to ensure its residents and domain. 


Sudan's about-turn in Ethiopia's Uber dam project 


The line debate could Ethiopia's arrangement to develop the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (HERD). On Wednesday, Sudan kept in touch with the UN Security Council approaching it to ask Ethiopia and Egypt, not to make a one-sided move on the dam. Sudan had at first sponsored Ethiopia's task however later wouldn't consent to on an underlying arrangement which would have prepared for Ethiopia to start filling the dam.

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