Prophet Suraphel Demissie


Her cousin, RAS Safari Manner (1892-1975) was appointed regent and successor to the throne. Hewitt died in 1930, after which the regent – adopting the name Haileselassie – became Emperor. His reign was interrupted in 1936 when Italian forces briefly invaded and occupied Ethiopia. Haileselassie then appealed to the League of Nations, but that appeal fell on deaf ears, and he fled to exile in the UK, where he spent five years until the Ethiopian patriotic resistance forces with the help of the British defeated the Italians, and he returned to his throne. Haileselassie then reigned until 1974 when he was deposed and a provisional council of soldiers (the Deng, meaning committee) seized power and installed a government which was socialist in name and military in style. Fifty-nine members of the Royal Family and ministers and generals from the Imperial Government were summarily executed. Hail Selassie himself was strangled in the basement of his palace in August 1975.

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