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The book reveals the historical backdrop of Addis Ababa and the environmental factors which has not been investigated in any detail already. The book tells the historical backdrop of the foundation of Barara city and its initial human progress. The city is inviting mechanical abilities by having strategic associations with Europe and Arabian nations. Be that as it may, because of inward fighting declining in power, the focal Ethiopia Kingdoms and eventually the rulers moved its capital city to Gondar. Gondar became and known as the capital for Ethiopia for a few centuries. The book additionally examined the ascent of Islam and how the Oromos accepted open door to moved through the region of Shoa just as other territorial spots to hold onto more terrains. At last, the Oromos settled down and acclimatized with other ethnic gatherings adding to the ethnic decent variety of the current Ethiopia. 


The current Ethiopian legislative issues is defaced by ethnic divisions and savagery to the degree of undermining the presence of the nation. The political stories are proposed to support contrasts, regularly with accusatory words, among ethnic gatherings. The ethnic based governmental issues deny and down-play Ethiopia's distinctive ethnic gatherings recorded and financial connections among one another. Ethnic pioneers guarantee that "Ethiopia has no history earlier King Menelik (1889-1913) and erroneously asserts the current Addis Ababa has a place with one explicit ethnic Oromo source." The book presents considerable proof and recounts accounts of Barara where various ethnic gatherings used to live agreeably, which fortifies the recorded servitude among ethnic gatherings and under one Ethiopian Empire. This verifiable Barara disclosure avows that the Ethiopian national character really rises above ethnic and provincial loyalties. 


Sadly, the historical backdrop of Barara has been completely ignored from Ethiopia's whole instructive school educational plan. Understudies and the overall population are uninformed of the fundamental truth to Ethiopia history. The book follows the historical backdrop of the medieval Ethiopia Empire from Atse Dawit (1380 - 1413) to Atse Lebna Dengel (1508-1540) that Barara city was a focal point of gravity for exchange merchandise and had assumed a critical job as political focus. Individuals going from Venus, Fluorenes, Iran, Armine, Egypt to Barara had been pulled in to do trade exercises. The city was additionally the living arrangement of Ethiopians Kings and outsider and residential Church pioneers. Therefore, it has been set on the planet map with its topographical inclusion. Supporting proof are introduced in different structures including, archeological structure garbage found in Addis Ababa region, maps, in references and by inspecting researchers' work that built up the chronicled legitimacy of the city of Barara. Referred to researchers work, for example, Bretenits and Pankhurst, Falchetta, Fra Mario World Map who can distinguish the area of Barra, Crawford, Ethiopian Itineraries, Professor Getachew Haile's and others distributed and unpublished composing are utilized to validate the verifiable record. The book found no believable proof to confirm what the current Oromo political pioneers' purposeful publicity, that claims Oromo is a state of Ethiopia and Addis Ababa was "Finfineee". 


After numerous long stretches of being the focal point of exchange and the seat of Kings of Ethiopia, the city of Barara was demolished and torched to remains when the Empire almost crumbled, and the force essentially restricted by attack of Islamic war master by the name of Ahmed Grange. He attacked Ethiopia from 1519 to 1543 inside these 14 years, he torched the city of Barara, a few houses of worship, a few chronicled books, collectibles things, thousand individuals executed, and took assets, for example, gold, silver, smooth outfitting. The book explains to the historical backdrop of why and how the war with Ahmed Grange starts and finishes. 


The book built up the city of Barbara as Addis Ababa's antecedent. It portrays Ethiopia's own magnificence depends on and improved by right around 80 ethnic gatherings' characteristic and indistinguishable ethnic-phonetic social ties and assorted variety. Furthermore, there are a few chronicled realities perusers gain from this book. Above all, Ethiopians need to adapt to the situation of managing ethnic radical musings and see all have shared regular genealogical history.

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