The amazing work the famous artists


In the fourth century, Christianity turned into the authority religion in the Aksumite realm. It was at the rule of the two heads, Ezana and Syzana (additionally called Abraha and Atsbaha) through St. Fremnatos (likewise known Abba Selama), who was sanctified by St. Athanasius of Alexandria. Lord Ezana supplanted the indication of the moon on coins with a cross sign and turned into the main sovereign to etch the indication of the cross on coins. The Ethiopia Orthodox church was additionally fortified by the appearance of the nine holy people, who came from Syria, Constantinople, and Rome. 


Their names were Abba Gerima, Abba Aregawi, Abba Aftse, Abba Pantelewon, Abba Guba, Abba Alef, Abba Liqanos, Abba Yem'ata, Abba Aregawi, and Abba Sehma They interpreted a few books including the Holy Bible from Greek to Ge'ez, they additionally established a ton of cloisters, for example, the religious community of Debre Damo by Abba Aregawi, Abba Garima religious community by abba Garima, Pentalewon religious community in Axum by Abba Liqanos and Abba pentalewon. The ascent of St. Yared in the sixth century, who established the Ethiopic hymnody was another time for the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

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