Different view nature


While on the way to the following formal point, the wedding picture takers take recordings and photographs of the vehicular parade, which is likewise upbeat and celebratory.

With the marriage vehicle at the top of the parade, all vehicles have standard blossoms hanging out of the windows with the travelers generally singing customary Ethiopian wedding tunes.


They all head to a wonderful nursery park, where photograph and video shoots go on for about 60 minutes.


Following the photograph take shots at the recreation area, the kissing of the knee service follows. All visitors anticipate the vehicular parade at the principle lobby where the wedding is held.

At the entry to the lobby, situated and holding up are the distant grandparents and grandparents wearing customary garments.


The following stage is to have the super Ethiopian wedding lunch. As they enter the lobby, the bloom young ladies, candle young ladies, groomsmen and bridesmaids lead them in while singing conventional Ethiopian wedding melodies.

The bloom young ladies are at the top of the parade dropping flawlessly vivid blossom petals for the couple to stroll on.

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