''We want to have our wedding one day. '' The Twin Doctors


Later on, Meara contemplated law at Addis Ababa University and filled in as an appointed authority at the High Court of Ethiopia for a very long time. This made her fully aware of the disparity and bad form ladies face in the execution of the law, which prompted her setting up the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). Since it opened its entryways, EWLA has named legal advisors to ladies free of charge and gave free legitimate directing and related administrations to more than 100,000 ladies. The affiliation has taken care of high profile cases including kid marriage and other hurtful customary practices. 


Ethiopian Pilot Captain Amsalem Guile 


It is uncommon to hear the voice of a female skipper elegance the speakers of an Ethiopian plane. It's the voice of Amsale Gualu, whose name will stand out forever as the principal female commander in Ethiopia and the 6th female pilot in the country. Her deep rooted love of flying started when her dad took her and her kin to air terminals consistently for the sheer fun of watching planes take off and land. 


Not yet persuaded of her acting or composing abilities at a youthful age, Meaza never believed that she would one day own a radio broadcast that is esteemed by so many. Whenever a chance introduced itself for her to be important for a radio show, Meaza had an aha second – this was the vocation that addressed her heart. She says the solid love of perusing she acquired from her dad has been an extraordinary column for her profession. 


Following her graduation from Addis Ababa University, Meaza previously filled in as a games columnist and investigated various choices, such as composing for the month to month magazine of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and being the press and data chief at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along with her significant other, Abebe Balcha, and her long-term companion, Teferi Alemu, Meaza set up a radio broadcast, Sheger FM 102.1, in 2005.

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