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"'Out Of The Past' was the name of the store, and its items comprised of recollections: what was trite and even indecent to one age had been changed by the simple passing of years to a status without a moment's delay supernatural and furthermore camp." These are the initial lines to Gil Pender's tale in Woody Allen's Midnight to Paris. 


There is one such store situated on the limited bole street. It was hand-worked by craftsman Osman Mohammed who had gathered the antique articles in his store over numerous years. Ras Africa Design is brimming with old fashioned radios, wooden TVs, revolving telephones, old cameras, different espresso presses, a typewriter, and calfskin bags. Exemplary tunes murmur from a phonograph. Osman is a craftsman and style planner. The space is part workshop, part display area. Inquisitive bystander's enter the shop, stroll through reviewing the different knickknacks, at times pose inquiries and others more acquainted with the store enter to excitedly welcome Osman. 


Osman's assortment, clear of his solid enthusiasm for safeguarding and rebuilding, stretches out to bigger articles, incidentally seen just external his store. A gold-shaded convertible Volkswagen Thing is an interesting expansion to the appeal of Ras Africa Designs. Osman has been buying and reestablishing vintage vehicles for longer than 10 years. He appraises more than 66 vehicles have come into and passed from his ownership in a 10-year time span. 


What may have started as a side interest has developed into an exceptional fixation for some. An interest in vehicles that started in adolescence, growing up with vehicles at home, noticing his dad, uncles or more established siblings dabbling with motors, wondering about the plan or sound of the engine, the smell of the cowhide inside … this energetic openness may join vehicles with a relationship to masculinity and adulthood. 

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