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Today, more than ever, Africans need to look back in order to go forward.  But what do Africans see when they look back? They are often overwhelmed by seeing mainly the destructive over 500 years of the dehumanizing African experience. They rarely acknowledge, appreciate, recognize and promote the numerous struggles for liberation that took place from the period of slavery to the present time in all parts of the African world. The leadership of Taste Menelik is recognized and acknowledged globally. For some reason in Ethiopia, there is still a perception of Taste Menelik with ethnic curses and lenses. Ethiopians must acknowledge whatever mistakes Ate Menelik may have made, he is the greatest leader Africa ever had. It is time all Africans who genuinely recognize through the leadership Taste Menelik provided that Africa discovered the globally recognized wonder of African solutions to the problems imposed on Africa by colonialism.

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