The nurse who was serving pregnant women in Corona!


What draws in a man to his future spouse? Sociologists Christine B. Whelan at the University of Pittsburgh and Christie F. Fighter at the University of Iowa, have at last responded to the frequently discussed question. They dissected the aftereffects of a 2008 study requesting men to rank alluring characteristics from a likely life partner. They then, at that point, contrasted those outcomes with ladies' responses and to comparable overviews directed all through the 1900s. A ton has changed in only years and years.


In spite of the inescapable generalization that men are threatened by aggressive ladies, men rank this characteristic in front of others like refinement, being a decent cook and having comparative strict foundations. While it's not high on their rundown (No. 10 out of 18), obviously men observe a lady's drive, assurance and energy appealing characteristics in a soul mate.


A lady's longing for home and kids has become less appealing to men over the long run. In 1939, men positioned it at No. 6. As ladies have progressively accomplished comparable degrees of schooling and vocation status, men might have started to see them as more equivalent accomplices. Step by step instructions to partition the work of home and work isn't however clear as it seemed to be to their grandparents' age.

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