Heartwarming speech byArtst Dbebe Eshetu


The perplexing inquiry of why they do it without any potential repercussions stay unanswered as a huge number of more individuals keep on enduring due to their choices to acknowledge a Mafia as genuine ideological group. 


Curiously, when the new PM Abiy striped TPLF Mafia warlords' avocation for their multi decade of wrongdoing binge against the individuals of Ethiopia and past, the apathy the global network or not venturing up from assuming any liability for the emergencies says a lot. 


In this way, TPLF warlords and agents are sans left to fabricate new interior psychological oppressors to stay significant according to their universal supporters. As the outcome, 1000s of more passing and millions greater uprooting of Ethiopians proceeded right in front of them as the new PM Abiy's change exertion attempt to keep up sifting through 27 years of age mess they deserted. 

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