The Unforgettable memory Wibet Amensisa


In winter, 1502, a low fog hung in the prefers light air in the tough lower regions of northern Ethiopia. A voyaging dealer named To bar rose up out of his make-move tent and extended. The remainder of the camp was still sleeping soundly. To bar was just a transitory individual from this band of dealers. He had gone along with them right external the port of Mascara in Eritrea, however the opportunity had arrived for their ways to veer. Flavors and fabric were not his thing. He discovered the fundamentals of life practically exhausting. He was into workmanship and culture, and every one of the side effects delivered by man's mission for magnificence and importance. The exchanging bunch was traveling west, yet To bar wished to go south to the land called Abyssinia where he had heard murmurs of another type of Christianity being polished. 


Despite the fact that he had been naturally introduced to a wanderer family, To bar viewed himself as taught and devout, a gifted author and recorder with an eye for workmanship. As a kid he met a Catholic teacher who had instructed a lot to his kin, passing out sacred text. In spite of the fact that To bar had been excessively youthful to completely comprehend their implications, he recalled very well the enamoring and amazing images and words. It was as though he could run his fingers across the pages and ingest a comprehension of what was on them. As he developed more seasoned, his interest in various artistic expressions took him West through Islamic grounds until he at last crossed the ocean and showed up in the Horn of Africa. En route he had the option to fix a living exchanging workmanship and strict articles, and at times deciphering a book or report for somebody.

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