Dabat ,Debark, Debrezebit Amazing victory news


War broke out toward the beginning of November 2020 between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray Regional Government in northern Ethiopia. Following three weeks of battling, the Federal powers removed the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) from Mekele, the capital of Tigray, capturing a few, including Sebhat Nega, the 83-years of age originator and ideologue of TPLF, and killed others. The Federal armed force neglected to catch all TPLF contenders, and today, they are taking steps to turn to hit and run combat. 


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his partners won and squashed the solitary association that tested his clout in Addis Ababa and the presence of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The triumph came to the detriment of having another unruly area, Tigray, join Oromia, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, and other southern areas, weakening Ethiopia further. 


The Tigryans, around 12 million individuals, are a Semitic, Ge'ez native individuals of Eritrea and the Tigray local province of Northern Ethiopia. In the entirety of Ethiopia, they are a minority, under 6% of 116 million individuals. In Eritrea, they are a larger part, around 70% of 7,000,000 individuals. 


They have an antiquated human progress, Orthodox Christian religion, a composed language and letters in order, and over 400 years of composed laws. Socially, they are homogeneous with no ancestral or group structure. They overwhelm the locale strategically, militarily, financially, and strictly.

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