Ethiopia- homicide in Teppi


Right now, two individuals squabble, both the informer and the charged will enchain and attend the court date in the illustrious court. Until seniors give the proper equity and state you are allowed to go they can neither unfasten the bunch that ties them nor can they truly hurt one another. Showing up at the illustrious court, the two will play out a customary discussion with beautiful puzzles at the open court to intrigue the seniors who are making a decision about them. 


Quragna is tied in with tying both the informer and the denounced until the fitting judgment is passed. In light of this, a film named Quragnaye was discharged in 2019, delivered by cooperative energy Habesha Films and Communication. 


Composed and coordinated by Moges Tafesse, Quragnaye addresses the inquiry: "How far would you bring discipline into your own hands or trust that the framework will demand the proper discipline?" 


The story happens in Ankober, an old town found 174kms north of Addis Ababa. Luckily, a large number of the crucial spaces like conventional church schools, the old royal residence and court, country ranches and the amazing scene despite everything exists today as they backed at that point. 


The motion picture which costs around 5,000,000 birr takes the crowd to a period where equity and law were passed on in novel and weird manners.

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