Protestant theology teacher


So it tends to be at as am 6. I've been to a not many that are at like, ten or eleven, yet all at once that is not typical. Furthermore the ones that are still in temples however are not customary are for the most part at ten or eleven. The gathering isn't until some other time, so in the middle, there's typically similar to, a major break where individuals simply return home or do anything they desire. Or possibly in Washington, D.C., everybody generally goes to similar park and takes pictures for quite a long time. Furthermore there's food there-Ethiopian food-like injera and sorts of sauces that are basically the same as curry. So everybody eats and mingles."


My source had a ton to say on wedding customs since weddings are so ritualized. They recognize a liminal period in an individual's life-the time between being totally single and being hitched so there are large numbers of customs in each culture that encompass weddings. A few parts of Ethiopian weddings are like normal Americanized wedding customs, like the division of the real function from the gathering and the "lone rangeress party". However there are various clear contrasts, for example, the apparel that is worn and the hour of day that the function happens.

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