Debretsion Appointed President of Tigray Region


The TOTALS are willing, capable and prepared to make a Faustian arrangement with anybody, whenever and in wherever! Goethe's Dr. Faust made an agreement with the Devil, trading his spirit for riches, achievement, common delights and influence. 


The TOTAL is an equivalent open door Devil. The TEMPLE will guarantee and convey riches, achievement, common delights and influence to anybody, paying little heed to identity, ethnicity, religion, and so forth., who is set up to sell his spirit. The TOTAL doesn't care the slightest bit what your identity is and will make an arrangement with you at any expense gave, at long last, it gets your spirit. 


As Denali jumped at the chance to state, steadfastness to the TOTAL is undeniably more imperative to the TOTALS than nationality, religion, instruction, work understanding or whatever else. Dedication to the TEMPLE is the Devil's litmus test.

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