New information TPLF leaders


The dead included Sam Mes fin, who filled in as Ethiopia's unfamiliar priest for almost twenty years, alongside previous bureaucratic undertakings serve Bay Share and ex-parliamentary boss whip Smash Woldeselassie, as per an administration articulation. 


The men kicked the bucket in "fire trades embraced with the criminal inner circle's very own security" after "declining to give up," the assertion said. 


Leader Abiy Ahmed, victor of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, requested soldiers into Ti gray toward the beginning of November, a move he said came in light of TPLF-organized assaults on government armed force camps in the locale. 


Thousands have kicked the bucket in the battling, as indicated by the International Crisis Group, and a huge number of displaced people have gushed across the line into Sudan. 


In any case, the PLF has promised to battle on, and the UN revealed a week ago that "limited battling and uncertainty proceeds" in a few territories. 


The TPF's top chiefs stay on the run, their whereabouts obscure. 


As of late the public authority has reported the catch of a few PLF authorities, including Seat Nega, an establishing part. 


The TLF overwhelmed Ethiopia's decision alliance for almost thirty years before Abiy came to control in 2018. 


Abiy's administration has confined admittance to Ti gray during the battling, making claims from the two sides hard to check.

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