The good news of the research center


Economists across the board have slashed their estimates for January-March 2019-20 and April-June 2020-21 quarters. Even Nita Mayor vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar has said that the April-June quarter growth could be zero or in negative territory.


Last week, Finance Minister Nirvana Sitharaman announced a food security and income transfer package for the urban and rural poor. The package includes free food grain for 800 million people for three months, insurance cover for essential service providers, front loading of PM Kiran installments, and increase in wages under the employment guarantee program.


While Sitharaman and the government claimed that it was a Rs 1.07 trillion package, a quick analysis of the announcements revealed that the actual size of additional outlay due to the announcements comes up to be a little less than Rs 1.03 trillion.

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