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All anecdotes about princesses and sovereigns that can be told, Alexandra Romanov's is the saddest of all. This wonderful and melancholic princess has something that makes her not quite the same as the others. She was taken prisoner, killed, dissected, consumed, and deserted in no-man's-land. Right up 'til today, it is as yet unrealistic to say with conviction who requested that wrongdoing and why. 


Here is the pitiful and delightful story of Alexandra Romanov, the princess of the miserable eyes and of, significantly more, the tragic fate. A princess who became sovereign of the most impressive Court in Europe and wound up being a holy person of the Orthodox Church. Her magnificence and her passing went with her from her support to the furthest limit of her days. 


An adolescence set apart by misfortune 


Beginning toward the start, it should be said that Alexandra Romanov was not generally called that way. Her genuine name was Alex of Hesse and the Rhine. She was brought into the world in Neuss Palace, Germany, in the second 50% of the nineteenth century. Her dad was Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and her mom was Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, girl of Queen Victoria of England. Ali was the 6th of seven kin.

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