Statement from the government


The new PM pardoning request to Ethiopians for the benefit of his gathering contentious warlords' unspeakable wrongdoing of and with guarantee to join Ethiopians for better occasions to come made him a legend among standard Ethiopians, naïve among political entrepreneurs and a treat among TPLF warlords and surrogates that control the political, social and conservative methods for Ethiopia — vowing to cause more ruin if their violations are additionally uncovered or kept from carrying out more violations to protect the status qua. 


Along these lines, it isn't coincidentally TPLF warlords are acting like tipsy mariners to dismiss being excused for their past wrongdoings and the PM's call for Ethiopians solidarity. All things considered, when a pretend ideological group very pronouncement and presence relied upon ethnic disunity and wrongdoing against the individuals of Ethiopia, no big surprise why 'party' managers carrying on as though the world finished.

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