journalist Hermela speak the truth


On 11 August, Kumsa Diriba, otherwise known as 'Jaal Marroo', the head of the Oromo Liberation Army (known as 'OLF/Shene by Ethiopian specialists) reported the tactical collusion struck between his power and the outfitted wing of the prohibited Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) local government. 


The OLA has been battling against the public authority of Ethiopia in the western and southern pieces of Oromia. TPLF, which overwhelmed Ethiopian governmental issues in the thirty years preceding 2018, is a central part in the continuous awful struggle in Tigray and encompassing pieces of Afar and Amhara areas. 


Early this year, in March, the government parliament banished both as fear based oppressor bunches for waging war against the state and working together in viciousness since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power in March 2018.

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