"They set out to destabilize" - Dr. Abiy Ahmed


Sudanese powers battled against Ethiopian ranchers along the boundary territory in the Gadara locale, said a report distributed by Sudan Tribune. 


As indicated by the source, the occurrence occurred on Monday. A joint power of the Sudanese armed force and the saved powers battled against Ethiopian civilian army who were supposed to be 200 in numbers. 


Also, it is asserted, referring to what it called military sources, that the Ethiopian local army "crossed the fringe almost a territory situated among Ethiopia and the Sudanese provinces of Gadara and Senna to change the situation of the line markers between the two nations" yet was subsequently rebuffed by Sudanese powers. 


The battling was supposed to be four hours in length and just two individuals are accounted for dead, from the two sides. 


Besides, the report affirm that Ethiopian state army were endeavoring "to alter line markers" 


"The military authority who isn't approved to address the media said that the Ethiopian power needed to put new line markers and shroud the current markers, yet the Sudanese soldiers constrained the aggressors to escape once more into Ethiopia," said the proclamation. 


At this composition, no affirmation or comment is given from the Ethiopian government in regard to the occurrence. 


Sudanese powers have been controlling Ethiopian regions for more than five months now. They previously assumed responsibility for the zone after the Ethiopian Defense Forces conveyed in the line were removed after an assault on the Northern Command Force of the National Army on November 4, 2020. 


South Sudan and the United Arab Emirates started to intervene Sudan and Ethiopia over their line in question. Ethiopia, in any case, has a position that the debate between the two nations ought to be settled through reciprocal discourse, yet it is requesting that Sudan should pull out from the territories it involved after November 4 – which Sudan claims as its own territory that was under Ethiopian occupation for more than 25 years.

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