Ethiopia lost one of its gifted performer


On Monday at night, Ethiopia lost one of its gifted performers. He is extremely famous with his Oromo tunes – Hachalu Hundessa. In spite of the fact that his melodies are in the Oromo language, he has got fans even outside of his ethnic network. Not only a performer. He was viewed as a dissident as well. 


He was gunned down under conditions that are not uncovered to general society yet. 


It took hours before individuals processed the news as the disaster was an altogether surprising one. Much after police affirmed the news Ethiopians wrestled with it. 


What is known so far is that he was slaughtered close Gelan Condominiums in the capital Addis Ababa, and police guaranteed that it has captured an unknown number of suspects. 


Such a significant number of have just begun making theories with regards to who could be behind the homicide. However, there are additionally the individuals who appear to be keen on holding onto the catastrophe for a political reason to revive gradually biting the dust radical ethnic patriot belief system. In their eyes, the end for "who slaughtered Hachalu Hundessa," is clear – and it is neftegna. They are requiring a "demise or opportunity" battle between ethnic Oromo and "neftegna." 


Government authorities then again are responding dependably to the disaster. The Federal Prosecutor General, Adanech Abebe, said that she is profoundly disheartened by Hachalu's demise and communicated her sympathy to the group of Hachalu and to the Ethiopian individuals. 


"Whoever murdered Hachalu, nobody will get away from equity," she said. She likewise called for persistence. 


Prior, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed communicated his melancholy and approached the general population to remain safe while grieving the star.

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